The importance of shopping locally and supporting small businesses


Growing up in a smaller town has a certain charm that makes you want to shop locally. It could be pride, duty, or the genuine support of family or friends, but knowing that your dollar is going to a local business owner makes each purchase even more special.

You want to go through the doors. You want to be the first one in line. You want to tell others about your town’s best music store or burger joint.

I’ve supported local businesses my entire life. I’ve always supported local businesses.

As I grew older, I became acquainted with the owners of these stores. When I entered the shop, they would greet me and use my first name. The guitar salesman would show me his latest vintage guitar purchase in their secret room and even let me try it.

The owner of Pizza Place was so familiar with my family and enjoyed seeing us every week in his restaurant that he helped us when my father lost his job in 2005. He said we’d never pay more than $20 for a meal at his restaurant. Still, he won’t allow us to pay more than $20. He calls it the “Ries Special.”

My father, who is also a fan of small business, owns and runs a landscaping firm in the town. He does pretty well. He is proud of his work and makes the customers feel special.

Austin, Texas, is no exception. The “shop local flag” is prominently displayed. Supporting small businesses is part of the community and culture. It has created a unique identity and strengthened the city’s economy. You expect exceptional food and drinks in Austin.

Small businesses are the first thing you should consider as the holiday’s approach, and you rush around the town to buy gifts. Small Business Saturday takes place on November 30. While the super-giant retail stores may offer unbelievable Black Friday sales, don’t forget about mom-and-pop shops. Local restaurants that use fresh ingredients are best. Discover the unique places in your city!

I love the creative way a Detroit small business is bringing attention to Small Business Saturday. Pure Detroit, which has clothing stores and cafes in the city and restaurants, has created a unique way to celebrate Small Business Saturday. The Small Business Passport was designed to encourage people to shop locally in the town.

The 18 businesses participating in the program will stamp theĀ Small Business Passport. Customers can get a discount of between 10 and 25 percent and hot beverages by getting their passport stamped.

This is a fantastic way to bring people back to a city that has seen its share of problems in the past.

Mark it down. Small Business Saturday is celebrated across the nation on November 30, 2013. Get your family and friends together to visit your local community. As you begin your holiday shopping, support local restaurants and retail stores.

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