Social Shopping for Beginners – How to sell on Facebook and Instagram


The fact that consumers don’t know what they want is a primary reason they continue to visit the mall. It’s a great place to browse and find inspiration. Bob did not realize he wanted a life-sized bobcat replica for his mantle in the living room. But after a visit to the mall, he felt motivated and made it happen.

Social commerce or social shopping is about replicating the feelings of inspiration and discovery on social media platforms and making it simple for users to take action.

We’ll look at the importance of social shopping and how to incorporate it into your Facebook and Instagram marketing strategy.

What is social shopping exactly?

Social shopping allows you to sell your products through social media.

Take Instagram, for instance. In the past, an ecommerce company could only share photos of its products and send users to a link in their bio. This link would take users to a landing page. In other words: marketing your ecommerce on Instagram requires users to navigate away from the Instagram app. Instagram users, in general, are not willing to leave the app and navigate your website.

Until recently, a link similar to this was the only way for Instagram users to visit your website.

You can think of the funnel, which is the process that turns a potential client into a paying customer, as a highway. You want the route to go straight from Prospect City to Customer Village.

(I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself.)

You can create friction by adding an exit ramp on the highway. The sign is a giant neon sign with the words “FEEL FREE to TAKE YOUR MONEY and LEAVE.”

It is essential to avoid letting your potential customers take their money and then leave. You want their journey from the first time they interact with your brand until they click on “Buy Now” to be as seamless.

Social shopping is about engaging online consumers through social media platforms and making it simple for them to convert into customers.

Top Social Shopping Apps

Instagram and its parent, Facebook company are the leaders of social shopping for 2019. 60% of Instagram users claim to find new products on the app. 26% visit Facebook to look for items to purchase. We’ll focus on the two social apps you can use for social commerce.

Facebook Social Shopping

Instagram is the platform that’s leading social shopping. We’ll start with Facebook because it is the parent company. You must be an advertiser on Facebook to share shoppable Instagram content.

It looks like

You may not be aware of it, but if you are a Facebook user, you have probably encountered shoppable items while browsing your News Feed or swiping your friends’ stories.

I added the red squares. )

You’re browsing Facebook on your laptop when you see this organic post shared with Nike. Of course, you stop because the guy looks fantastic, and you want to be awesome too. You realize that Nike has tagged an entire range of products on this image.

You click on the Nike website to learn more about your favorite sneakers. You might buy them right away. It’s not uncommon for consumers to convert so quickly. You could also decide to take a nap. The following day, you’ll see a more appealing ad for the same sneakers. It’s Nike’s being remarketed. They are successful, and you purchase the sneakers.

It’s simple. Nike made it easy to find out more about the product featured in this picture. You didn’t have to go to a different tab to find the sneakers. You only had to click. There was no friction.

Start here

It’s great if your business has an existing Facebook page. You’ll have to create one if you don’t already. After you’ve done that, ensure your page uses the Shopping template. Click Settings at the top-right corner, then select Tabs and Templates on the left.

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