Shopping In Wayanad: Here’s An Experience That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2023


A one of the most stunning districts of the southern Indian state, Kerala is a perfect place to spend your holiday with your loved ones and family. The district is famous for its spice plantations and wildlife, this green destination located in the Western Ghats, welcomes you to unwind and relax in the midst of unspoiled nature. The trek through the lush, green tropical forest that is home to a variety of small and large waterfalls as well as wildlife is an unforgettable adventure to remember. Caves dating back to prehistoric times are on one hand for a glimpse into the past, and a variety of market stalls and shopping centers for you to enjoy. No matter if you’re an avid nature or the ultimate adventurer, Wayanad offers you the ideal blend of luxury and nature to make your trip to God’s own Country unforgettable. However, it’s not the only thing! The shopping experience in Wayanad experience is an added bonus to everything and is something you will not ever want to leave!

5 Best Places For Shopping In Wayanad

The captivating destination offers stunning views, caves from the prehistoric period with a variety of flora and fauna and of course, shopping. Many travelers prefer to purchase something unique and special. Wayanad offers a number of shopping centers and markets on the streets, providing an array of choices to purchase high-quality items. Here’s a listing of the top shops in Wayanad.

  1. The Focus Mall

It is the Focus Mall, situated on the lively Rajaji Road, is a frequent hangout spot for both locals and tourists. Beware of a wide selection of high-quality products. Focus Mall is a perfect spot to go shopping for designer clothes, footwear and other accessories. If you are a fan of handicrafts, there are a few local craft and handloom shops that offer exclusive items. There’s M Grill and other eateries to make the perfect culinary experience. It is advisable to utilize public transportation to get to the mall. Be careful with your time because this location could keep you busy for lengthy durations.


  1. Trident Arcade

It is located in the vibrant retail hub that is Sulthan Bathery, Trident Arcade is the ideal place for a day of shopping for a variety of fashionable and luxurious goods. If you’re looking for high-end crockery, this is the right place to go. Although it’s packed in the evenings however, it is a great place to go in the afternoon to enjoy a tranquil time. The inviting architecture and friendly design make it an ideal place to spend time with your family. A well-defined, multilingual design allows anybody to go anywhere with any assistance. If you are seeking quality clothes bags, sunglasses, and other accessories and other accessories, you’re here to purchase the most affordable price.


  1. Aiswarya Shopping Complex


People flock to this massive mall within the Sulthan Bathery redefines your shopping in the Wayanad experience. The gorgeous architecture of Aiswarya Shopping Complex is all about the latest shopping experience. The mall houses numerous international brands such as Zara and the best handicraft and handloom shops in the local market. One of the most renowned malls in Wayanad provides a broad variety of dining options since it is home to one of the biggest food courts. It’s a full-on experience of dining, shopping and relaxation. If you’re looking for high-end international brands of sunglasses and watches You must be in Aiswarya Shopping Complex. It has a well-managed parking space that makes your visit effortless.

  1. Santhi Pappadam

The search for high-quality handloom and handicraft items comes to ending in Santhi Pappadam. This market is unique, with a range of stores that sell different kinds of handicrafts and handlooms and makes shopping in Wayanad incredible. Kerala is renowned for its handlooms around the world which is why this marketplace where you can purchase all kinds of honey and spices. It is recommended to go there during the daytime since it can take a long time to visit the entire market. If you’re in search of antiques, you can discover some of the most desirable collection at this market. This market is famous for its bargain-buying.

  1. Dubai Shopping Centre

It is among the beautiful places to go to shop. Wayanad is among the most stunning places to enjoy a quality shopping experience. Dubai Shopping Center is a highly sought-after destination for residents due to its excellent bargains on electronic gadgets. It has all the major electronic brands together with very affordable prices. There are a variety of stores that offer top-quality products for styling and wellbeing. If you’re running out of calories, you can choose from a variety of eateries to replenish your body.


You’re in God’s own Country Therefore, you should take your time and plan it wisely for an the most enriching experience. You can be sure that you’ll enjoy the most nature-based and active experience. However, try to shop in Wayanad not only to purchase products, but also to feel the vibrant energy of the local tradition. It is the home full of spice, therefore don’t forget the wide array of delicious dishes that are made from organic ingredients. Therefore, make a visit to Kerala and enjoy the best fun you’ve ever had!

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