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Hong Kong is a paradise for those who love shopping. There are fashionable malls, trendy boutiques, trendy shops, street markets and multi-purpose stores The shopping scene in Hong Kong is awe-inspiring. It’s so good that it entices even those who aren’t keen on shopping. People are drawn by neon ads, elegant sparkling hoardings, flashing names of famous brands, and pop-up signs that say ‘ Sale‘. You can love them, hate them but you can’t avoid them.

As we strive to make life easier for you, we have compiled the top 5 Hong Kong shopping places. They have the most luxurious shopping centers, factory outlets offering exclusive deals, as well as market stalls for a variety of trendy items. And don’t fret about cash, you’ll find that Visa, AmEx, and DC cards are all accepted. If you’re in search of top quality items, that come with a proper assurance and warranty, go to the malls and boutiques that have a ‘Excellence’ mark on the products.

 Best Hong Kong Shopping Places!

This is a must look over list of five fascinating shopping spots within Hong Kong especially created for those who are looking for something to do. Continue scrolling and take a look at the entire list!

  1. Causeway Bay Hong Kongs Liveliest Shopping Hub

Experience Hong Kong’s bustling shopping scene at the well-known Causeway Bay. Every corner of Causeway Bay is covered with malls, shops and other luxuries. The area is famous for its trendy brands and stores, as well as The Fashion Walk Area. Causeways’ two most sought-after locations are SOGO Hong Kong’s largest department store, as well as it’s Time Square Shopping Mall one of the largest malls in the city. The Causeway is always crowded with shoppers, The Causeway is lively until 11 midnight. Good bargains and best deals are available during weekends, when the majority of stores have special sales.

SOGO Store, a department store that spans 13 floors is the only one that has the monopoly of the most expensive brands. But, you’ll find bargains if you take a closer look. Times Square Mall is, however is home to 16 floors and more than 230 stores. The shops are in a diverse categories, ranging with an Levis store, to the Armani store.

There are numerous small luxury retail stores as well as hip boutiques run by local designers within the Fashion Walk area that offer the local experience within Hong Kong. The majority of the shops cater to hipsters of the younger generation however there are stores that cater to those with a mature taste as well. Just look for them among the plethora of neon flashing advertisements.

  1. Central District Visit Swanky Boutiques


The most swankiest chic, elegant and most luxurious mall for shopping, The Landmark Shopping Mall is located in the Central. It is home to fashion boutiques from around the world, designer shops, trademark stores and flagship brands with high-end prices that provide the best shopping options at in Hong Kong. With class comes a high price. Perhaps some indulgence in window shopping is a great idea.

In the future, Central District is one of the top Hong Kong’s shopping areas. A large number of New York based designers have established their businesses within the glass buildings in the Central District. There are Harvey Nichols and Lane Crawford flagship stores. There are Louis Vuitton, Alberta Ferretti, Blanc de Chine, Diane von Furstenberg, Dior, Gucci, Kent and Kurwen Tailors, Luisa Cerano, Marina Rinaldi, MOSCHINO, Paul Smith, Polo Jeans Co, Ralph Lauren, Sonia Rykiel, St John, Vivienne Tam..phew. It’s not going to get any better than this.

Visit the mall and you’ll be surrounded by the super-rich sugar-daddies, sheikhs and sports celebrities. One of the billions of shopping centers, IFC has some of the most well-known brands from around the world. The prices are on the higher end of the spectrum however they are still reasonable.


  1. Hollywood Road Hot Spot For Marvellous Antiques


Hollywood Road is the most popular place to purchase Chinese contemporary art, as well as contemporary sheesha. The road is brimming of art studios, tiny boutiques, as well as hundreds of bistros and restaurants. It is the highest-end residential area, with the top shops on the market in Hong Kong adorning the first few floors. The Road is never quiet; it’s always bustling with shoppers who are enthusiastic or night-time partygoers.

Hollywood street is perhaps the best area in the world to purchase antiques furniture, ceramics, furniture, and home decor things. The majority of these antique stores contain items older hundred years. The great thing about this is the fact that it’s possible to get an ice cream or a drink from anywhere when you shop. How better to shop then to pick up an Emolios shake or Pounder burger when you’re shopping.


  1. Mongkok Enjoy a taste street-shopping


It is not as glitzy as Causeway, Mongkok is closer to street shopping in Hong Kong. It is among the busiest streets in the around and a shopper’s paradise for those on a budget. From the most adorable outfits to most trendy bomber jackets, trendy bags to stylish shoes, it’s got everything to jazz and update your outfit. There’s also a section of the street that is dedicated to electronic goods. Pick from the earliest imitation watches, gadgets, and more. Don’t be expecting any assurance or warranty for the products. Once you’ve purchased the item, it’s yours to keep. Shopkeepers won’t be able to entertain you when you bring up a defect in just a few moments. Also, be sure to double-check everything carefully.

The most significant attraction of Mongkok is its renowned ladies Market. It’s perhaps the most well-known local marketplace in the nation. It is, and it ought to be. You can find almost anything counterfeit bags, designer clothing copied First copied watches and a lot more.

Contrary to what it says this market isn’t only for women. There’s Mongkok the market for computers to buy the most popular of electronics and computer equipment. If you are looking for something unique, go to Goldfish Market in order to discover beautiful fishes, spiders snakes, and more. It’s one of the most spooky shopping areas within Hong Kong, but well-worth to pay a visit

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