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The capital city of Romania is also a commercial hub. It is home to landmarks such as the renowned Palatul Parlamentului Parliamentului, the government building that dates back to the Soviet period and houses around 1100 rooms. It’s not just history, as there’s the historical Lipscani district that is the place for a lively nightlife as well as a small Eastern Orthodox Stavropoleos Church and many more. Bucharest is a popular city and draws thousands of visitors every year who want to shop and buy souvenirs and other mementos. If you’re a fan of shopping, then jump into joy, because going to and shopping in Bucharest is more than a pleasure for you.

10 Places For Shopping In Bucharest

Here’s a list of 10 most popular places where you can go shopping out and get the very best of Bucharest to give to your near and beloved loved ones.

  1. Carturesti Carusel


This is an amazing bookshop, and dates back to around the turn of the century. The building was actually an entire department store during the Communist period, but it was neglected for one quarter of century before it was reopened. The building was given with life by a group of architects, and the style itself is worth taking a look at even if you’re not fan of reading. You are able to take as many pictures as you’d like without worries about staff asking you to not do this. Alongside the books that are on sale, there’s an art gallery and an exhibit space. If you’re hungry, there’s a restaurant at the top of the building, that serves delicious food.


  1. Band of Creators


If you’re searching for a brand and designer clothing shopping at Bucharest This is the perfect place. You will be able to buy clothing and other accessories from more than 40 Romanian designers, both established as well as emerging ones. If you are unable to visit by foot, there is an online store where you can purchase. They ship worldwide using couriers. It’s open on Wednesday, Tuesday Thursday, Friday and Wednesday from 13:00 to 20:00 hours. The hours are closed on Mondays and Sundays. For Saturdays, they’re open from the hours of 11:00 until 19:00 hours.


  1. Floraria Florens


You can find everything you require. From plants to bouquets as well as flowers can be found at this floral shop. It’s enough to say that it’s more than just a florist shop. The sensory experience you’ll get when you walk through their doors is awe-inspiring. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the wonderful scents of many different flowers. They’ve got branch (gettit?) at the promenade and in mega malls, too. If you don’t wish to travel to get here, you can make a purchase on their site.


  1. Complex Commercial Rahova


Going to Bucharest malls is a luxurious experience However, this one is different. This is not the place to go for those who aren’t a fan of crowds, or who don’t like negotiating long lines and being at the center of a noisy. There you will find nearly 50% of China’s exports for sale throughout the year. You can therefore imagine the variety of goods available at bargain prices and the massive crowd it attracts. Be sure to keep your money secure and your trust in yourself as you need to use your bargaining skills to the table.


  1. Unirea Shopping Centre


The shopping experience in Bucharest the old city is an amazing experience. The Bucharest Old Town Shopping Center is a typical shopping centre for all your needs of shopping. For a long time it has been a part of the town’s old landscape. The structure might appear old-fashioned however, it is located right in the middle of city. There’s also a massive Mega Image supermarket which can be located within the lower levels. In addition there are plenty of restaurants in the area also, so you can satisfy your appetite without a hassle. If you are bringing kids, they can have fun at the playground for kids located on the 5th floor. The playground is open between 10:00 and 22:00 hours.


  1. Antique/Flea Market

hopping in Bucharest at its best. Every Sunday there is a wide assortment of antique dealers with different characteristics. This means that you could discover something unique or even something shabby. Both are available. Be careful and arrive with a close eye. If you’re a novice and don’t know where to begin with, then looking to look for the old Romanian notes, stamps badges and medals are sure to provide you with some great souvenirs. The market starts at 10:30 am Sundays, and is open until 4 pm.


  1. AFI Palace Cotroceni


Shop for your luxury in Bucharest completed here. It is certainly one of the largest malls in Bucharest and possibly among the top well-known. If you’re looking to buy something exclusive or from the most renowned brands it’s the right place to be. This location has to offer in terms of entertainment, there are the IMAX cinema, an enormous skating rink that is open all year round and also an indoor roller coaster as well as a playground for children to top the whole thing off. You can use the 1,35 and 11 trams to get there. The hours are from 10 am until 10 pm, Monday through Thursday. On weekends, it will close at 11:30 pm.


  1. Ethic Wine


The thought of leaving Bucharest without a wine tasting and shopping is an offense. Go to this charming wine shop, which is operated by a couple who know exactly the business. You will find an excellent collection of local wine as well as a fantastic selection of wines from Cricova located in Moldova. Republic of Moldova. There’s a fantastic tasting room which allows you to sample tons of wine, accompanied by incredible food. This is an experience that should not be overlooked. It’s open from 10 am until 9pm on Monday through Saturday however on Sundays, it’s open from 10am to 2 pm.


  1. Frey Wille

It’s a boutique that is exclusive that has branches across the globe. You can shop here for fashionable styles that blend the elegance and luxury. There are also incredible accessories and jewelry this shop for both women and males. On Sundays, the shop will be closed however, it is open Monday through Friday from 10 am until 8 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am until 6 pm.


  1. Piata Ramnicu Sarat


Go shopping locally in Bucharest for vegetables and fruits in this store. Stop by to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. This isn’t only an organic market of fruits and vegetables there is honey for sale in addition. There are carpets as well as sheepskin coats offered in the rear of vans.



Bucharest is a renowned tourist destination that has a variety of interesting things you can bring home to take home as souvenirs. If you plan your Europe travels through TravelTriangle ensure that you keep track of these locations to make sure you make a stop there on your vacation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping in Bucharest

What is Bucharest well-known for?

Bucharest is famous for its traditions and culture that remains. Thus, shopping here is unique and distinctive. You can visit the location and purchase items that are vintage. You’ll feel rejuvenated just walking around the place.

What is the most convenient spot to shop for a affordable prices in Bucharest?

Complex Comercial Rahova has export material available for purchase. You can purchase the product which has been exported from the city to other regions in the world. It is therefore a great location to purchase at a reduced cost. Because the items are made locally and sold locally, you can get these items at a cheaper price.

What is the most convenient spot to buy a new item in Bucharest for single travelers?

Carturesti Carusel which is famous for its novels is a wonderful area to explore. If you’re on your own or are a shy person, then you’ll be awestruck by this spot. It is possible to spend the day exploring the collection of books. It will be a plethora of books when you return.

Where can I buy high-quality and brand name items in Bucharest?

Band of Creators is the most ideal place to spend best quality time and high-end products. The place is renowned because of the high-end products. The items are brand-name and of high-quality. If you are a fan of shopping gently, this shop is sure to please you.

Which area of the market should a tourist visit to experience the distinctiveness of Bucharest?

Floraria Florens will surely please anyone’s heart! But, if you’re traveling to Bucharest to the first time in your life, you must visit Floraria Florens without any doubt. You’ll be impressed by the atmosphere and the floral arrangements make you feel right at the comfort of your own home. It’s impossible not to appreciate the spot. There you can buy plants and flowers. You can also purchase an arrangement to present to your beloved ones.

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