Mauritius Shopping: Make the Most of it


Mauritius is much more than just beautiful beaches. You can take home a lot of goodies from the small island for you or your family. Do you secretly anticipate the shopping part of your trip beyond the excitement of visiting a new destination? Shopping is one of the activities that you should look forward to after you book your hotel and tickets. Shopping in Mauritius is a great way to get your shopping done. You can buy from malls, street hawkers, or beach vendors. There is a wide variety of shopping options in Mauritius. You can also buy duty-free items to bring back with you.

Mauritius Shopping

  1. Port-Louis Street Shopping

Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius. Port Louis is a place that houses small shops and shopping malls for Shopping in Mauritius. It’s also known as the main bazaar. Port Louis is home to more than 100 shops. There are also Chinese shops selling herbs and other Chinese knickknacks. In the local markets, you can find exotic fish. You can also find saris and baskets, t-shirts, local handicrafts, and t-shirts. Mauritius also has a wide variety of spices. Pick up some herbs while you’re here. They will last a long time and add flavor to your food.

  • Location: Marina Quay stretch, Caudan, Port Louis, Mauritius
  • Timing Every shop has different opening times
  • Best known for: Spices and Clothing
  • Bargaining Although you can bargain with the shopkeepers, they are selling at a low price.
  1. Shopping at ‘Le Caudan Waterfront Mall’

The magnificent Le Caudan Waterfront is next to all the hustle and bustle of the small shops. The mall is the place to go after you have finished your shopping. This mall is a shopping paradise with 170 boutiques. The mall is a major tourist attraction on the island, much like a lead singer of a rock group. You must visit it to see what all the fuss is about.

  • Location: Marina Quay, Caudan, Port Louis, Mauritius
  • Timing Le Caudan Waterfront is open between 9.30 and 5.30 pm
  • Famous for: Over 170 boutiques selling shoes, Clothing, perfumes and electronic products, as well as mobile accessories, electronics, and other items.
  • Bargaining: It is not possible to bargain at the brand outlets.
  • Trip Advisor rating:5/5
  1. Port Louis craft market shopping

If handcrafted artifacts are your thing, Port Louis Craft Market should be on your list of places to visit. This market is a great place to find amazing handcrafted products. The craft market has a flurry of activity where you can buy souvenirs.

  • Location: Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis, Mauritius
  • Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • The island is known for: Items made by locals that reflect the culture and traditions of the island
  • Bargaining in the Shops: It is possible to bargain with your shopkeeper.
  • Trip Advisor rating:5/5

Curepipe City Shopping


Curepipe is a city that you can visit as you continue to shop in Mauritius. Curepipe, located in the Plaines Wilhems District, is the second-largest city after Port Louis. Curepipe is a popular destination for tourists who love to shop, as it has a large number of duty-free shops and stores. You can purchase model ship structures and garments from Curepipe shops. Curepipe’s shops are known for their wide selection of Indian Clothing. Curepipe has a variety of shopping centers, including Pushkar Shopping Centre, Garden Village Shopping Centre, and Arcade Salaffa.

  • Location: Curepipe, Mauritius
  • Timing Every shop has different opening times. The malls of the city are open between 9 AM and 10 AM each morning and until 9 PM or 10:00 PM at night.
  • Best known for Clothing, particularly Indian Clothing.
  • Bargaining: It is not possible to bargain at branded outlets.
  1. Phoenix City Shopping Mauritius Glass Gallery


Welcome to all beer lovers in the world. Phoenix is a must-see for any shopping you do in Mauritius. Mauritius Glass Gallery is located in this Mauritian town. It’s home to talented artisans. The artisans create beautiful pieces of glass art. The glass sculptures will delight you even if nothing else is purchased.

You can see the glass-blowing techniques used by the artisans. You can have your hand or foot etched into a customized glass model. It sounds interesting. If you want to purchase a few items for your home, you can select from an extensive collection of stunning lampshades and stained-glass images, as well as chic drinking vessels. You can also buy beautiful vases.

  • Location: Pont Fer, Pres de Beer Factory, Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius
  • Timing From Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 PM. Saturday 8 AM to 12 AM
  • Beautiful glass products
  • Bargaining: It is impossible to bargain
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4/5
  1. Quatre-Bornes Shopping

French flair is in store as you shop for in Mauritius. Quatre Bornes is one of Mauritius’s most exciting towns. The French name is ‘four boundary stone.’ Street shopping is a hive of activity. Saint-Jean Street has all the shops you could ever want. The central market in Quatre Bornes is also worth a visit. Quatre Borne may not be a typical tourist market, but shopping here is a unique experience. The prices are also reasonable because it’s a local market.


  1. Flic En Flac Shopping

The village of Flic En Flac, Mauritius, offers much to shoppers. The market stretches along the west coast for a few kilometers. This market has a wide variety of sea products. Shells and corals found along the coast and on beaches make mirrors, wall hangings, and small showpieces. You can buy Clothing that will look great on the beautiful beaches. Both men and women can choose from a wide range of colorful and vibrant beach and surfwear. Casacavelle Mall, one of the most popular shopping centers in the city, is a major attraction for tourists.

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