How many hours are there in London? It’s time to shop


London! With its historical attractions, museums, and parks, it is also that sort of place – you walk along a busy street and find yourself reaching for your wallet…

How about a shopping spree to London this summer?

Check out these hotspots for retail if you only have 48 hours. This is not just about pampering yourself. Specialty shops are located away from the high-end shopping areas. Are you looking for an old concert DVD or a rare book edition? London has it. You can spend hours in retail markets and regions with a unique historical character.

High Street Temptations

If you like crowds, you’ll love Oxford Street. Be careful with your wallet when you shop at the hundreds of street-side shops selling tourist merchandise – T-shirts, funky baubles, and endless London memorabilia. There are some of Britain’s finest department stores here, including Debenhams and John Lewis, as well as several high-end stores and boutiques. Selfridges has been the world’s most famous department store for decades. It is known for its architectural design, as well as for its innovative marketing strategies and mind-blowing displays.

The elegant Regent Street was once where top-hatted gentlemen and chiffon gown-clad ladies would stroll the streets while horse-drawn carriages passed. The iconic Hamley is located here, a toy wonderland for kids (and adults). Nearby is Jermyn Street. It’s renowned for its tradition in bespoke clothing shops like Charles Tyrwhitt and John Lobb – very British.

Harrod’s is London’s most renowned store. The displays are so elegant, and the staff is discreet, knowledgeable, and well-dressed that first-timers often find themselves in awe. Harrod’s has everything you could want: chocolates, wines, clothes, furniture, jewelry, toys, and fresh produce.

I want to be a billionaire. …. If your budget is tight, Travie McCoy’s lyrics will help you deal with retail envy as you walk around Mayfair and Bond Street, where the biggest names in luxury reside – Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, and Burberry. Window shopping is an art form in London. If you’re lucky, you may even see Liz Hurley or the Beckhams and other members of London’s fashionable set who enjoy shopping in this area.

Shop for Fun & Specialty Items

There are some shopping areas that you should visit just for the atmosphere. Covent Garden is a great place to check out the latest street fashions. You can also browse various shops that sell organic cosmetics, fabulous footwear, and excellent crafts. Enjoy a snack while you watch the street performers, London’s most famous.

King’s Road is the perfect place to discover edgy styles. The punk style was born in the 1970s at the World’s Endof iconoclastic designer Vivienne W.

You might find the book you’re looking for in a second-hand shop on Charing CrossDenmark Street (a.k.a.Tin Pan Alley)

It is known for its music stores.

London Markets

Chelsea Antiques Market on King’s Road is open Monday to Saturday and has a section dedicated to first editions. You can also browse through furniture, objetd’art, and various collectibles.

Notting Hills has gained international fame thanks to the movie of the same title, but Londoners frequent it for its vintage fashions and antiques. They also enjoy organic food. Portobello Street Market is a mile-long stretch of stalls set up every Friday and Saturday. They sell food, ceramics, music, posters, and other items.

Petticoat Street, the London East End Sunday Market dates back to 18 century and got its name from lace and petticoats sold by French Huguenots. The Victorians renamed Middlesex Street to avoid any reference to women’s underwear. However, the original name stuck. With over 1000 stalls, this is the perfect place for bargain hunters. Designer clothes, household items, toys, and more are all available.

Berwick St. Market is London’s oldest fresh produce and artisan cheese market. Shopkeepers shout to attract customers and offer discounts in the afternoon. Leadenhall Market is located in the City and features a Victorian-style glass-roofed marketplace with cobbled walkways, gourmet food shops, cafes, and gourmet food stores.

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