Do You Need to Go on a Shopping Ban? How to Start and Stick to a Shopping Ban!

It doesn’t matter if you are drawn to shiny shoes or a beautiful Chanel purse. Or if you can’t quit buying clothes you don’t need, it might be time to consider a shopping ban. Shopping sprees, whether for yourself or others, can lead to financial ruin. We understand how difficult it can be to stop shopping.

You can have a shopping ban without being successful. It can even be fun! Let’s get into the details about a shopping ban and how you can implement it.

What is a shopping ban?

You can choose not to buy items you don’t need or want. You won’t shop for clothes, jewellery, shoes, or accessories.

You can decide beforehand what to buy. Some people want to save money, while others prefer to buy fewer handbags and designer shoes.

Your shopping ban can be customized based on your preferences and what you believe will be most beneficial to you. There are many “rules”, but the bottom line is to do what you have to to spend less and reach your goals.

Different types of shopping bans

You can customize your shopping ban according to the areas you want to reduce. Here are some common shopping bans that you might consider:

Online shopping banned

Online shopping is so easy! It’s easy to add items to your cart, then click the “Buy” button. This is especially true if you’re using a credit/debit card. You might have your card information saved on a site you frequent if you shop online. This makes it easier to buy. Learn more shocking facts about online shopping!

Choosing an online shopping ban could be a good option if you love to shop on your phone and order items constantly.

You can ban online shopping by removing your card information from websites where you shop often. You can delete shopping apps from your phone and only use the internet for work or check emails. This will make it easier to avoid buying unnecessary items.

Ban on shopping in stores

Perhaps you are more of an in-person shopper. Maybe you shop at work after hours or on weekends and are always looking for bargains. A ban on shopping in stores could be a great idea. You can set your own time and avoid shopping in stores.

Avoid shopping at malls and shopping centres. Only shop for the essentials that you have already chosen to be acceptable. You might also consider changing your walking or driving route to avoid tempting window displays.

A ban on shopping for certain items, e.g. A clothing ban

Many people include non-essential items such as clothes, shoes and accessories.

Maybe shopping isn’t an issue for you in general. Perhaps it’s just that you shop too often for one item. If this is the case, you can include the items that you tend to spend too much on by having a shopping ban or no shopping for shoes.

It would be best to choose what you are most comfortable with and what you don’t want to do. This is to help you succeed with money and change your perspective on shopping.

Who needs a clothing or shopping ban?

A shopping ban can be very beneficial for us all. It can be very helpful if you can realign your priorities and goals.

Let’s face the truth: some people need it more than others. You might find that stress shopping has become a problem, or you struggle with controlling your spending when purchasing certain items. It is worth taking the time to stop spending. You’ll likely save money as a bonus.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a shopaholic, imposing a shopping ban on yourself can be an interesting challenge that can help you understand your buying habits. Everybody should at least try it once to find out what they discover.


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